Facebook painting bid wars

The Painting Bid Wars allows you to bid for a large custom painting worth $3,000 of any photo you desire painted with prices low as $100. These bid wars take place specifically on Ray Tennyson's Facebook like page and starting bid begins at $100. Join the war by liking Ray Tennyson's like page on Facebook and joining his Painting Bid War Facebook group.

"I take my paintings very serious and because of the opportunities I'm getting as a artist my artwork is becoming more popular and valuable. These Painting Bid Wars allow fans of my work to win paintings for a fraction of the price and I'm enjoying it so much."

To be one of the first to know when a bidding war is beginning join the Painting Bid War Facebook group from the link below and you'll be notified when a new Painting Bid War date is set.


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Ray has created paintings for countless individuals, couples and celebrities around the world. Be the next to join his repertoire of amazing pieces of artwork.